About Us

Pactnuel is a publishing platform designed from scratch up to function the same as your mind; albeit consciously. Simply put, the platform is designed to aid your thinking. Pactnuel also provides summaries of non-fiction books.

Starting from the top to the bottom, this platform clears off everything needed for readers to develop, share and organize ideas, thoughts and stories to the world, exploring the digital space more than ever before.


Talk about the inexhaustible dashboard, Pactnuel glorifies as a platform with raw, yet unpublished ideas as well as an outlet for divulged data.Situated on the right side of the board are drafts, ongoing jobs, while on the right side are already published articles. Designed in such a way to help authors/editors to curate ideas and notions, writers have the capability to work unhurriedly and publish when ready to the outside world.

Why use Pactnuel?


As aforementioned, Pactnuel is calculatedly designed. That means, we base our design opinions on foundational precepts and then we obsess over facts until we do things the right way. The dashboard facilitates users to release ideas, links, and impressions into a flow of draft, thereby making it more straightforward to readily sculpt those inklings into a publishable write-up.It is no surprise why every editorial piece comes out clean, legible and natural.


Pactnuel has everything you need and nothing you don't. We've struggled hard to eliminate conceivable distractions, so only the most integral features remain. As aforementioned, Pactnuel is practically a space for independent publishing, with a little focus on the African heritage. At Pactnuel, publications of information, curiosities and interesting data are the ultimate priority. The aim is to generate a high presence in the entireEnglish-speaking community with a real active community.

Pactnuel Editor and Reading Experience

Pactnuel editor was constructed to help avid writers focus on their story. It's deceptively natural. Interestingly, Pactnuel supports hosted images,entrenched videos from streaming platforms (such as YouTube, Vimeo, and other sites), Tweets, and the likes. Without mincing words, Pactnuel is as pace for avid readers and good writers...

Apparently, a carefully organized writing adventure deserves a very-well evaluated, and enjoyable reading experience. So we've spent a lot of time making sure the reading experience on Pactnuel is excellent regardless of device or screen type.

A Platform with Principles

We care about your work, we regard your protection, and we esteem your help of our mission. Registering on Pactnuel comes with the EternalGuarantee, further affirming our dedication that the Pactnuel administration and distributed substance will stay accessible on the web until the end of time. You don't need to stress over connection decay or"sunsetting". We're an unwavering organization, and we're staying put.

By plan, Pactnuel feels amazingly significant. We have concentrated the entirety of our consideration on idealizing the composition and understanding encounters, and we've deliberately allowed users'interaction. It's a piece of a deliberate structure procedure that we trust every user will appreciate.